The meaning behind the name “Hope Bars” and what our mission is.

Eat, Give, Love.

As an oncology nurse, I have seen first hand how charities can help people in need. I have learned that even the smallest gifts can have a great impact on those who are struggling.

When I started selling Hope Bars, it was never a question of whether or not I would donate to charity, but a question of which charity I would give to. Being particularly alarmed by the number of hungry children in America, I initially planned on donating meals to food banks across the country. 

However, after extensive research, I learned that in order to effectively help children who are struggling, in America and around the world, we cannot solely focus on one aspect of need, such as hunger. We need to step back to see the full picture. 

Providing food alone may help one child for one day, but it will not alleviate child hunger in the future. However, by providing food, along with education and health care services, we can help these children who are struggling now, and also nourish them with the assets, knowledge, and services they will need for generations to come. 

I chose some of the highest rated children’s charities in all these aspects and will give a portion of every product sold to one of the designated charities.